• To aim continuous improvement with a resource and waste management system that will prevent environmental risks by applying the requirements of TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard for sustainable environment,
  • To fulfill our compliance obligations within the framework of legal conditions, other conditions from our suppliers and customers, to make continuous improvement studies for the continuation of our environmental sensitivity with employees,
  • Reduce and recover the amount of waste that may occur at each stage of activity at the source with financial and technical support, monitoring our resource consumption, to fulfill recycling and/or disposal processes in a way that causes the least possible damage to the environment, to manage energy resources and possible leaks,
  • To raise awareness of our employees on the environment and waste management and to ensure their proactive participation,
  • To try to prevent environmental pollution with permanent solutions, the reduction of climate change and adapt to changes,
  • Designing our facilities and future investments to save energy,
  • To minimize the damage to the environment by using our natural resources economically,
  • To produce environmentally friendly products and services,

How Can You Provide Environmental Management with Our Products?

ESEN products offer a resource and waste management system that will prevent environmental risks thanks to its environmentally friendly structure. ESEN’s team constantly monitors resource consumption, taking into account the amount of waste at each stage, does not damage the environment as much as possible, and prevents environmental pollution with permanent solutions.