HDPE Corrugated Pipe Measurements and Technical Specifications

With the latest technology machines, EXTRUSION CORRUGATOR MOLDED with HDPE raw material in accordance with the standard TS EN 13476-3 including 1000 mm diameter pipes are produced in SN4 and SN8 strength.

Pipe Diameter (mm)Pipe Inner Diameter (Min. mm)Pipe Outer Diameter (Min.-Max. mm)

Perforated Drainage Pipes

ESEN CORRUGATED PIPE quality in drainage systems and its robustness provides all specified conditions of usage.



HDPE Corrugated Pipe Standards and Tests

TS EN 13476-3 Standard is based on today’s conditions, technology, and in accordance with test methods; This product has the most up-to-date Standards for outside profiled pipe are made of HDPE and PP.

HDPE Corrugated Pipes with TS EN 13476-3 standard to SN8 group pipes; withstand min. 63 kN/mm2 external load; SN4 group pipes; Withstands an external load of min. 31.5 kN / m’2.

TS EN 13476-3 Standard with its SN value is expressed. “TYPE value” is not valid for this standard.

Besides, the tests performed in the ESEN Accredited Laboratory are as follows.

  • Density
  • MFR (Melt Flow Rate) Test
  • Impact Strength Test
  • Ring Stiffness Test
  • Ring Flexibility Test
  • Resistance to Heating Test

  • Leakage Test

Esen Muffix HDPE Corrugated Pipes

Esen Muffix HDPE Corrugated Pipes; an additional mechanical strength is provided by the improved connection method.

After the production, suitable pitches between socket/muff are prepared with mutual holes; connects the two pipes in the connection process in the site.


  • It makes the process easier for lowering the pipes to the canal during the joining process outside the trench.

  • During ground movements such as earthquakes and landslides, it prevents the corrugated pipes from leaving the connection points; it ensures the line to be one-piece.
  • It provides additional strength to the connection points against sudden loads such as traffic load. It prevents possible angle changes in connection points.