Continuous and competitive development systems around the world oblige companies to invest in their brands and the quality of their products.

ESEN, acting with this awareness, has established its Accredited Laboratory in accordance with the requirements of TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard and created with the appropriate quality management system and accreditation in Turkey accredited by TÜRKAK, the only authorized institution for proved the reliability of test results in our country and the world.

ESEN has a large working area and Accredited Laboratory is equipped with modern technology products; we perform the necessary tests of the products according to international standards by using the necessary devices and equipment by our expert staff. In addition, ESEN’s Laboratory offers testing services not only its products but also all the plastics industry in Turkey by providing services to companies, has the authority to report which is accredited valid all over the World.

Accredited PE Laboratory

  • TS EN ISO 17025
  • 45 people ISO 9001 Basic Training,
  • 20 people ISO 9001 Internal Audit Training,
  • 8 people ISO 17025 Having Laboratory Accreditation Qualification Certificates, neutral laboratory.

Accredited GRP Laboratory

ESEN; in order to check that it meets the requirements of TS EN 1796, TS EN 14364, ASTM D3517, ASTM D3262, ASTM D3754, AWWA C950, DIN16869, ISO 10467, and ISO 10639, the mentioned tests are carried out in ISO 17025 International Accredited certified laboratory.