CTP Boru ve Ek Parçaları - GRP Pipes and Fittings

In order to get beneficial and long-term results from your investments, the process from production to commissioning must be carried out in the most accurate way. ESEN focuses on quality and reliability at every step and has been providing services by paying attention to these standards for many years.

The perfect installation of the pipelines is crucial for long-term performance and durability. Therefore, comprehensive field supervision services and perfect pipe installation play a critical role. ESEN provides confidence with its expert team with appropriate solutions against all kinds of engineering problems related to your project.

Our expert staff consists of technicians and engineers with many years of experience, training, and sufficient expertise. Our experts, who have extensive knowledge, experience, and equipment, provide services at domestic and abroad in accordance with our excellent safety standards.

ESEN field services team offers a comprehensive range of services such as transportation, laying, installation of pipes, testing/monitoring procedures to prevent future problems.

As ESEN, we offer the following services;

  • Field Supervision Service (Domestic & International)
  • Technical Drawing
  • Qa/ Qc Services
  • Project Consultancy
  • Hydrotest and Commissioning
  • Preperation of BoQ (Below of Quantity)

In cases where additional assistance is required with pipe installation support, maintenance, and repair, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance from our field services team.

Please contact us from  esen@esen.com.