What is HDPE Corrugated Pipe?

Infrastructure system need has started to take its place in history by the process of urbanization and settled life of people with agriculture. After this need, human beings have taken their first steps to remove rainwater, wastewater, and sewage water through open channels and clay pipes. In the process that continues until today, different pipe types and methods have been developed, as a result of these developments building systems have been created.

Developing and growing urban populations from the past to the present time, infrastructural needs increased exponentially and this continues now. With this situation, governments have been started to give more importance and have started to develop infrastructure projects that can serve for many years rather than meeting their daily needs in infrastructure investments.

It has been understood that the world should be meticulously emphasized infrastructure investments, especially sewage and wastewater infrastructures.

Polluted water from households and businesses was delivered to treatment facilities without loss to the nature and this should be one of the most important issues for public health and environmental cleaning. For this reason, the selection of pipes to be used in the preparation phase is the most important point of sewerage, wastewater, rainwater infrastructure projects.

The strength of the pipe to be used in infrastructure projects, construction, and maintenance as well as its features such as tightness, operational life should also be considered.

ESEN HDPE Corrugated Pipes and Fittings have high flow performance, external load resistance, such as long working life, chemical resistance, easy maintenance, tightness besides many other features; has been serving with high quality understanding for many years.

Features and Advantages of HDPE Corrugated Pipes and Fittings

  • Flexing ability is high thanks to the molecular structure of the polyethylene raw material.

  • With its ribbed body structure, it is resistant to heavy soil and traffic loads.

  • It is compatible with ground motion such as earthquake and landslide, does not deform.

  • Absorbs loads against sudden load shocks and again returns to the its old form. (Permanent deformation limit can be up to7.5%)

  • It adapts to the shape of the ground.

  • It has high cracking and impact resistance.

  • Muff and socket joints are used; It is combined with seals are produced in accordance with TS EN 681 Standard and seals do not leak throughout the service life of the pipe.

  • With its sealed structure, it prevents wastewater from mixing with groundwater and soil, likewise, prevents the entrance of underground waters which can come from outside into the pipe.

  • Quick jointing with muffle/socket and seal and provides laying utility.

  • It is advantageous to use in the regions, especially in urban construction sites, and short of the construction season.

  • Connections are made without any problems at low temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

  • There is no need for specialization and heavy equipment for assembly.

  • It is suitable for Internal control with the camera after assembly or before repair.

  • It is suitable for use with concrete manhole and chimney applications to joint the adapters compatible with the pipe diameter.

  • Pipes with muff are produced in 6 mt as standard. It can be produced in desired sizes according to demand.
  • The low friction coefficient and inner surface smoothness provide high fluidity.

  • Thanks to the pipe’s inner smoothness surface solid particles can not stick to the pipes; no solid residue and deposits occur, it does not cause any problems such as narrowing and clogging of the inner diameter of the pipe.

  • Even at high mass flow rates, small diameter pipes provide a smooth and controlled flow.

  • Corrosion effect is not observed in the pipe wall due to acid vapour, solid and liquid waste like high concentration salts.

  • It can also be used in the storage and transfer of chemicals.

  • It has high corrosion resistance as they are produced from HDPE.

  • Thanks to the high resistance against chemicals, it is used for the removal of chemical wastes.
  • The service life of the corrugated pipes is 50 years.
  • The pipe does not break, pierce, crack. For this reason, they prevent from being contaminated with soil and groundwater.  
  • Easy to install: Due to the fact that corrugated pipes are light, heavy equipment is not required during laying.

  • Since it is combined with the sealed method, equipment such as welding machines, the adhesive is not needed. 
  • It is suitable for cleaning with high-pressure water by spraying method. 
  • In case of necessary replacement and/or repair, only the relevant area can be repaired with additional parts. 
  • In practice, product wastage and loss are at a minimum level.

  • Thanks to its smooth inner structure, it applies very little resistance to the fluid. For this reason, there is no sedimentation on the inner surface.

  • It does not break under excessive sudden loads, it flexes and absorbs the load.

  • Tree roots and rodents cannot damage the pipes.

  • Thanks to its elastic structure, it is not affected by earthquake and earth movements, the system is not disabled. 
  • It is suitable for telescopic stacking and ease of storage.

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