Aquaculture have a very important place today.

Aquaculture, which dates back to before 1000 BC in China, is also the development of the first form of polyculture in history. Aquaculture first started in Europe in Ancient Rome. In the 19th century, with the decline of the fish population after pollution caused by industrialization, people focused on developing aquaculture and specialized in many different subjects through research on aquaculture. In the 20th century, aquaculture became widespread thanks to lighter, more durable, and cheaper building materials, and today they are still one of the fastest-growing production sectors.

Today, it is essential to use corrosion and impact-resistant polyethylene products in aquaculture. The material used for aquaculture should be not only high quality but also it should also be one of the best products on the market. The quality of the pipes is important both for the robustness of this system and for the culture of different fish species. ESEN PE 100 pipes are used because of their high solar resistance and low density thence from water. In addition, PE 100 does not pose any risk for the system and does not harm the different fish species.

ESEN offers safe and environmentally friendly solutions for Aquaculture that still retain their importance from past to present. Ensure the safety of creatures in Aquaculture with ESEN products!

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