Job Definition

For Esen Plastic Industries, one of the leading pipe manufacturers in Turkey, we expect the applications of candidates for the following qualifications, who will serve as an “Export Operations Personnel” in the Foreign Sales department.


  1. İzmir / Çiğli
  2. İzmir / Menemen

General Qualifications

The qualifications we are looking for our new teammate are as follows:

  • Graduated from related departments of universities.
  • Minimum 2/3 years of experience in the relevant position.
  • Good foreign language skills.
  • Will be able to work effectively in the organization in customs and transportation operations.
  • Be able to prepare and follow up documents related to export operations.
  • Have a disciplined working principle.
  • Compatible with teamwork.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Able to adapt to flexible working hours.

Application Form

Other Application Channels

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